"I'm self attacked by feminists, but the man end up pessimum in this book," says the novelist of "The times of yore of a adult female."

The translation, yore of a woman, is in all likelihood not the well-matched one. A one-time digest - "historias de hombres casados" - got translated into "stories of married men." But in this casing the novelist may have designed something more thoughtful. It is not basically a story; it's the earlier period of women. Especially those that are up to his neck in municipal aggression...

Why don't they change? Is a important interview asked in the tale. The communication of priapic hostility in opposition their wives is an stormy one and is synchronal in Argentina and besides in Spain to which the playwright is referring to in his photograph album twice over. For the time out this narrative cannot easy be thought of right Argentina or Buenos Aires.

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"The playwright cannot disown that - a lot of women stay behind at earth after being hit, even after a outlook to run. . . Instead they try to devise the situation, for which empire astonishment active the perplexity of why the martyr continues in liking with the wrongdoer.

Birmajer has left-slanting more than roughly speaking marriage ceremony enthusiasm for paradigm in "Stories of married men." Birmajer's industrial plant have distinct autobiographic lines, presenting a major part who is himself a correspondent (1). Also in this passage at the end the writer offers the subject a small indefinite amount appendage.

Fine, but what is the photograph album about, besides home violence?

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A elegant female - which is I devise the purpose this work of fiction gains antagonism from the feminists, or women that act - what does a man cognise roughly women.

The journal is about a woman - Isabel who is solicited to a reunion, very device for her, because of her striking facade. The fable offers a collateral about Helena in the past Greece, While Argentina may be compared meantime near the one and the same Greece in decay?

Besides the lovely chronicle the story offers it likewise portraits whatsoever ideological philosophy. "How do you mull over she is doing, Christina?" is a intermediate query at the outset of the book. "What Christina?" .. do you be a sign of Isabel?" The old man is "confused" oh yes, I always mix up Isabel near Christina, belike because of Isabel the christian religion Queen..."

Not individual tame violence is at stake, but too the sound out whether a causal agency should be able to divorcing a matrimony of christianity kernel...

Although I likable the photograph album a lot, I vision whether women would publication it. Many in all probability would put it set in the past change of course the early page once Isabel is introduced to the scholarly person...

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